H2YOU Campaign

Make plans to submit your school's entry in the 2018 contest!!

Congratulations to Crosbyton High School -- 2017 H2YOU Winners!

Click here to read the HPWD news release announcing the 1st and 2nd place teams.


With the possibility of another drought in years to come and supply scarcity on the forefront of everyone's mind, water resources need your help. This campaign's goal is to increase awareness of water conservation practices and encourage you to share innovative ways to reduce water use in the water user group you choose. In this campaign, it is your job to creatively propose new ways to save water or reinvent current practices. These can include technologies, new management techniques or educational awareness methods. 

Winning Campaigns:

2016-2017 -- Investigating Possibilities by Crosbyton High School

2015-2016- Waste Not...Want Not by Crosbyton High School

2014-2015 - Catch 22 by Crosbyton High School


What's in it for you?

The first place winner will win an all-expense paid trip to Austin, where the group will present their conservation campaign to their state representative and/or the Texas Water Development Board. The top three campaign proposals will be awarded cash prizes. Each team member, of the top three teams, will be awarded a cash prize.

  • First place- $250

  • Second place- $200

  • Third place- $150


A water conservation campaign project that gets high school students thinking about innovative solutions. Each campaign team will develop a water conservation proposal for a designated water user group, which includes selections in agriculture, municipalities or local residents. (For contest details, refer to the contest rules form).


Anyone between 9-12 grades who lives, or goes to school in the HPWD (refer to service area map below). Campaign teams must have a minimum of two participants, but can have a maximum of four group members. 


Water affects all of us. Seeking conservation solutions for every water user group will help sustain a steady and good quality water supply for the future.


Fall semester 


HPWD service area shown in blue



Contest rules & details

Entry form

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Contact us for questions regarding the contest:
katherine.drury@hpwd.org or 806.762.0181