The Cross Section September 26, 2014

HPWD reminds...continued:

Because of this, Young said landscapes with Bermudagrass, Buffalograss, and other warm season grasses should be fine without supplemental watering for the next few weeks.  Landscapes with fescue, bluegrass, and other cool season grasses may need supplemental irrigation in the next few weeks—especially if there is a period of high temperatures. Young recommends homeowners check soil moisture conditions in their yard to determine if watering is needed.

“This can be as simple as inserting a screwdriver or a metal probe into the soil.   If resistance is encountered, then irrigation may be needed.  Certainly, this is all site-specific.  Soil moisture conditions will vary from landscape to landscape, due to different soil types and their water holding capacities,” he said.

He encourages homeowners to check their irrigation system controllers to make sure they are adjusted for current weather conditions. 

“It’s important to have active management of a landscape irrigation system—instead of a ‘set it and forget it’ thought process.  Persons are encouraged to contact their landscape irrigation professional for assistance in adjusting controller settings, if needed,” he said.

Election continued:

Unopposed Candidates Elected

In accordance with Section 2.051 of the Texas Election Code, the HPWD Board of Directors canceled the general election in Precinct Two and the special election in Precinct Three since these were uncontested races.  Both unopposed candidates were declared duly elected to their offices at the Sept. 9, 2014 HPWD Board of Directors meeting in Lubbock.

Brad Heffington of Littlefield was elected to his first four-year term as Precinct Two District Director, representing Cochran County, the portion of Hockley County within the district, and Lamb County.  He previously filled the unexpired term of Jim Copeland of Anton, who resigned from the HPWD Board in March 2013.

Mike Beauchamp of Friona was elected to fill an unexpired two-year term as Precinct Three District Director, representing Bailey County, the portion of Castro County within the district, and Parmer County. This position will be up for election in 2016.


Voting Locations Online

Early voting for the Precinct One and Precinct Five elections will be conducted Oct. 20-31, 2014.  A list of Early Voting/Election Day polling dates, times, and locations will be available for online viewing at later this month.


Click to view the precincts.

TCEQ Representative, Kelly Mills, discusses the role of the agency when dealing with groundwater.

TCEQ Representative, Kelly Mills, discusses the role of the agency when dealing with groundwater.

High Plains Water District hosts first-ever Board Leadership Training in Lubbock
By: Adeline Fox 

In addition to learning the legalities of groundwater, attendees listened in on media and public relations training. Mock interviews were conducted and critiqued for a better hands-on look at how to address the media in spontaneous circumstances. Representative Lyle Larson (District 122, San Antonio) gave the keynote address for the evening reception. Representative Larson stressed the importance of future water resource development. Following the training itself, guests were encouraged to tour the Texas Alliance for Water Conservation Field Demonstration in Plainview.

As for future plans in hosting additional leadership trainings, Steinbach says there has already been discussion on having this event twice each year.  

“Going forward, we'd like provide the course to GCDs in different regions of the state at least twice a year,” Steinbach says. “We're hoping to hold a course next summer in east Texas, and will definitely get feedback from HPWD about what worked best and areas where we can improve the experience for our attendees."  

Thank you to all of our sponsors and to all who participated in the TAGD Leadership Training!

Speakers included

Bill Dugat, Bickerstaff Heath Delgado Acosta LLP
Drew Miller, Kemp Smith LLC
Robert Floyd, Hance Scarborough, LLP
Bech Bruun, TWDB
George Ozuna, U.S. Geological Survey


Kelly Mills, TCEQ
Stacey Steinbach, TAGD
Rebecca Rivers, Ag Day Lubbock
Representative Lyle Larson, District 122- San Antonio
Matt Ernst, Chief Meteorologist Fox 34
Greg Ellis, Attorney at Law

Sponsors included: Capital Farm Credit, City Bank, First United Bank, Happy State Bank, Plains Cotton Growers, Texas Cattle Feeders Association, Texas Corn Producers, Texas Grain Sorghum Producers, Texas Peanut Producers, Texas Wheat and Watermaster Irrigation Supply Inc. 

TAGD Groundwater Summit continued:

“This year’s program highlighted all areas of groundwater use, management, and conservation,” said Stacey Allison-Steinbach, TAGD Executive Director. “The sessions included a legislative lowdown to discuss strategies and plans for the upcoming session; water well permit issues; case law updates; brackish groundwater science; oil and gas issues; regional and joint water planning; and information from the TWDB,” she said.

In addition, breakout sessions featured presentations about desalination; water well drilling and enforcement; groundwater conservation districts and public participation; hydraulic fracturing; desired future conditions; rainwater harvesting; and direct reuse of potable water.

“This is the third year for the Groundwater Summit, which is TAGD’s cornerstone event.  We appreciate the support and planning provided by our 84 member districts and 33 associate members.  This conference was a success and we look forward to planning the summit to be held in August 2015,” Steinbach said.

PowerPoint presentations from the 2014 Groundwater Summit are available for online viewing at

High Plains Underground Water Conservation District, one of the event sponsors, was represented by Precinct Five District Director Ronnie Hopper, Manager Jason Coleman, Legislative Affairs Director Kody Bessent, Education and Outreach Coordinator Adeline Fox, and Information/Education Supervisor Carmon McCain.

Recap of September 9 Board Meeting continued:

  • Approved the Consent Agenda (minutes, financial statement, and bills).
  • Cancelled the Nov. 4 general election for Precinct Two District Director and the Nov. 4 special election for Precinct Three District Director.
  • Approved an order declaring the unopposed candidates for Precinct Two District Director and Precinct Three District Directors as duly elected to office.
  • Amended the order for the General Election in District Director Precincts One and Five to approve election day personnel, precincts, and polling places for Lubbock County and early voting dates, times, and location for Lubbock and Swisher Counties.
  • Approved joint election services contract with Lubbock County.
  • Amended the approved 2014 budget. (The HPWD fiscal year ends Sept. 30, 2014).
  • Adopted a resolution setting the 2014 tax rate at $.008026 per $100 of assessed valuation of property on the tax rolls of each county of the district as of Jan. 1, 2014.
  • Approved new and revised management policies for the district.
  • Approved amendments to the District’s By-Laws.
  • Tabled action regarding a proposed agricultural water conservation fund irrigation metering grant contract between HPWD and the Texas Water Development Board in Austin.
  • Conducted a public hearing on a request for exception by the City of Amherst to the district’s water well spacing requirements.
  • Approved applications for water well permits received during August 2014.
  • Approved a resolution establishing application fees for water well registration.

Regular meetings of the HPWD Board of Directors are held on the second Tuesday of each month.

Agendas for the monthly work session and Board of Directors meeting are posted online each month at