Amarillo Farm & Ranch Show & Texas Commodity Symposium - Amarillo

We've spent all week in Amarillo attending the Amarillo Farm & Ranch Show. It was a great success! We had several people come by our booth to ask questions and chat. The rain barrel simulator was definitely a highlight of our booth. Check out these photos!

The 2013 Texas Commodity Symposium and Ag Appreciation Luncheon brought several guests to the Amarillo Civic Center on December 4, 2013. TCS attendees were updated on farm programs, conservation programs, estate planning, farm policy reports and future market and weather outlook. The award of the program was the Water Conservation Advisory Council's Blue Legacy Award in Agriculture.

Eddie Teeter accepts the first place Blue Legacy Award in Agriculture December 4.

Eddie Teeter accepts the first place Blue Legacy Award in Agriculture December 4.

The Blue Legacy Award is a prestigious water conservation award, which awards producers who utilize the most efficient water management practices within their farming or ranching operations. Floyd County farmer, Eddie Teeter, was the 2013 first place recipient. Teeter hosted several field days throughout this past summer, comparing different crops and water application methods. Upon receiving the award Wednesday, Teeter mentioned the immense amount of information he learned about his water application. He went on to say he monitored how much water it took to produce a pound of a certain crop, as well as water scheduling for his fields. The second place recipient was the Harlingen Irrigation District. The Ag Appreciation Luncheon followed the TCS.

We congratulate all Blue Legacy Award winners on water efficiency practices. For more information regarding the award, visit