July 4th in Canyon

Early Friday morning, we headed out to Canyon’s annual 4th of July celebration. There was a great turnout! We met residents from the Canyon/Amarillo area, Lubbock area, and even one from Brazil! Most of the residents had no idea how much water they used per day. Their guesses ranged from 20 gallons a day to 500 gallons a day. In reality, the Amarillo area uses 195 gallons per day, on average, according to the Region A Water Plan.

We challenged passersby to guess the number of marbles in a jar, which was also the number gallons used by a family of three, for a chance to win a rain barrel. We had around 150 guesses, and the winner of the barrel was Paul Aguirre of New Deal.

We also had a blast with our water use trivia game. We asked people, ranging from 5 year olds to retirees, questions about how much water bathroom appliances used. They won HPWD prizes for answering two of the three questions correctly. People were amazed by the amount of water saved by having a low flow shower head and high efficiency toilet.

There were quite a few families that wanted help to water their grass more efficiently and effectively. We explained to them the importance of knowing your soil and grass type, and sent them home with water timers and sprinkler gauges. We were glad to be able to help people conserve water!