TAWC Field Walk (June 11, 2014)

We enjoyed a cool and breezy morning in Lockney yesterday at the Texas Alliance for Water Conservation field walk. The farm we visited belonged to Eddie Teeter, outside of town on Highway 378. The Lockney area of Floyd County has received around seven inches of rainfall since May 22. Teeter’s field was set up with corn, cotton and grain sorghum.

Teeter's 75 acres of corn, planted on April 17, was healthy, full, and had escaped hail damage. He is hoping for hot weather in the coming months to fully utilize the recent moisture. The soil showed a full moisture profile, as was demonstrated by testing the soil with a six foot moisture probe. The corn has seemingly thrived in the rainfall.

Teeter's cotton crop, 80 acres, was planted on May 8and has encountered abundant rain and wind. Along with the welcome rainfall came 90 mph winds. His cotton crop, like the corn, will benefit from consistently warmer temperatures. The cotton also had a full soil moisture profile, due to the recent rains.

Teeter also planted around 70 acres of sorghum on June 6 that has yet to emerge as of yesterday.

TAWC solutions will provide Teeter with a web-based management tool and an ET (evapotranspiration) tool, to aid him in improved management decisions in the application of irrigation water.  All three crops will be irrigated by subsurface drip irrigation.


It will be interesting to see the progress his crops have made when we return to the field in August! For more information about TAWC, visit www.depts.ttu.edu/tawc/