Water Conservation for Kids

With the last day of school right around the corner, now is a good time to start finding things for the kids to do at home this summer. Just because school is out does not mean the learning has to stop! Summer is the perfect time to teach kids about water conservation.

No matter what age, it is never too early (or too late) to start learning and encouraging smart water practices! You can find some fun activities for kids on the HPWD website. But if you need more activities to get you through the long summer, here are some other great tips and resources to help raise conservation-minded kids.


Washing Dishes – Turning chores into a water conservation activity is easy! Teach children to not let the water run when washing the dishes. Instead, fill one side of the sink (or a water basin) with wash water, and the other with rinse water. If you use the dishwasher in your house, teach kids to make sure it is completely full before they run it!

Brushing Teeth – Daily hygiene is important, but saving water is important, too. There is no reason you can’t have both. Post a message on bathroom mirrors to remind kids to turn off the water when they brush their teeth. Turning off the faucet can save up to eight gallons of water each time they brush their teeth!

Refillable Water Bottles – Hydration is important during the summer. Giving kids a water bottle can help encourage healthy habits. Refillable water bottles also reduce the number of glasses that need to be washed each day and the number of disposable plastic water bottles going into the trash can. If you do use disposable plastic water bottles, always make sure to clean and recycle them properly!

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Make Your Own Watershed – This experiment is simple to conduct and uses materials you probably already have at home! Teach kids why it is important to protect water quality by demonstrating how pollutants can very easily make their way into our water resources.

Leak Detective – Leaky toilets and fixtures can cause a lot of water waste! This is fun activity that is also very practical.  Put some food coloring in your toilet tank, wait a few minutes, and see if the food coloring has entered the bowl.  When finished, be sure to replace the leaking flapper. You can also check other water fixtures for possible leaks.

Edible Aquifers – An activity you can eat afterwards! Build an aquifer replica with yummy food items that teaches children how aquifers are formed and how they can become polluted. This activity also demonstrates how over pumping can decrease the water table and why it is important to conserve groundwater!


Test Your WaterSense  – This game from the Environmental Protection Agency is perfect for younger children. It features fun characters like Flo the Water Drop and monsters like Drainiac and Sogosauras. The interactive arcade-style game and quiz combo is sure to be fun while learning something new.

Tip Tank – This matching card game is a lot of fun for and kid who loves puzzles! Flip cards over until you find a matching pair. Each card has a great water saving device on it with a small fact about how it can save water.

Discover Water – From Project WET, this interactive game is perfect for early readers! Featuring nine different mini-games, this website allows kids to read along with narrated content. After each game, they can quiz themselves on what they learned!

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WonderGroveKids – WonderGrove makes videos about all types of kid-friendly topics. They have lots of great videos about conservation. In this video, the WonderGrove kids learn about fresh water supplies and ways they can help conserve them!

Sesame Street – Have a young child that likes to sing and dance? Sesame Street is perfect for them. Let your kids sing water conservation songs with their favorite characters! You can find more videos like this  on the Sesame Street YouTube page, or at their website www.sesamestreet.org.

TED-Ed – If you have older children in your home, TED-Ed is an excellent option for water conservation videos! This video discusses freshwater and where it is used. Each video is accompanied with a quiz and additional resources to learn more about the topic.

Whether your kid loves science, the outdoors or playing on the computer, there is always an opportunity to teach them about water conservation. Instilling water sustainability in the children in your life means that our water resources will still be there for future generations to use and


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