Web tool helps with voluntary water use reporting

Persons interested in participating in the High Plains Water District (HPWD) groundwater conservation reserve program are reminded that they should report their 2017 water use before March 1, 2018.

The reporting is voluntary and can be accomplished using the web tool located at www.hpwd.org/reporting. 

The web tool provides options for persons to select either a simple or detailed reporting method, depending upon their choice for participating in the groundwater conservation reserve program.

Those who do not report their groundwater use are presumed to take the “One Irrigated Crop” option, which indicates that they planted and harvested one irrigated crop during the 2017 growing season. 

The Rule 5 infographic explaining the eight reporting options available to producers is located at www.hpwd.org/rules/

Please contact Jed Leibbrandt at (806) 762-0181 or reporting@hpwd.org with any questions about reporting 2017 groundwater use.