Water Level Measurements

Each winter, HPWD field personnel make depth-to-water level measurements in a network of more than 1,400 privately-owned water wells within the district.

Quick Facts:

  • HPWD field technicians take water level measurements each winter. The results are summarized in a report in the spring and are reflected on the District’s interactive map
  • Wells in the observation network are privately owned. These sites are chosen based on the data available about the well and the well's location.
  • Observation wells are spaced at a density of approximately one well per nine square miles.
  • Wells are measured using one of three devices: E-Line, steel tape or pressure transducer. Pressure transducers continuously monitor a well’s water level on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Each reading creates a datasheet and a hydrograph, which reflects the change in water levels over a given time. View continuous water level measurements here.

Read the Water Level Measurement reports here