For those reporting for the 2018 production year, please submit an electronic water use report using the link below.

Please carefully read the instructions before proceeding.

There are four items required: contact information, reporting approach, usage and signature. All of these items are shown as Steps 1-4 at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions, please contact Jed Leibbrandt at (806) 762-0181 or by email. You may select different reporting methods for each contiguous property.

Step 1. Fill out your contact information completely. We must have your email address to send you a confirmation receipt of the information.

Step 2. Select your reporting approach (simple or detailed).

  • The simple approach means you do not wish to participate in the conservation reserve and will not submit exact usage to HPWD.

  • The detailed approach must be used to participate in the conservation reserve. You must calculate and submit detailed usage records so your reserve is properly documented. For example, if you want to use the one crop certification method, that is available only in the simple approach, and does not provide eligibility for the conservation reserve.

Step 3. Report your usage. Using either the simple approach or detailed approach, you must select the county, legal description and acreage of continuous tracts. However, the differences at this step of the process include:

  • Using the simple approach, you do not enter the specific amount of water that you used. Rather, you simply certify that you did use an acceptable method of calculating usage and certify your usage did not exceed the allowable.

  • Using the detailed approach, you must enter the specific amount of water that was used, so the reserve may be accurately calculated. A formula sheet for calculating usage is available here.

Step 4. Review the information you have submitted and sign the document. If you have not filled in all the required information, an error message will appear. You must then complete the missing information before the data is submitted. A summary of your information will be emailed to you upon completion of these steps.

What you will need to complete these forms:

  1. Legal description of property and acreage of contiguous tracts.

  2. Knowledge of the reporting methods approved by HPWD.

Report water usage here or click the photo below.