Irrigation Assessment Program

As a reinstated program, the goal of the IAP is to monitor water levels and flow rates of wells throughout a crop's growing season. HPWD staff will then collect data from different commodity fields to determine differences between water use. 

IAP 2017 Results Infographic

IAP 2016 Results Infographic

IAP 2015 Results Infographic

IAP 2014 Results infographic


Flow Testing

Field personnel test wells using an ultrasonic flow meter to determine an accurate flow rate through an irrigation system. HPWD also has in-line flow meters that can be loaned out upon request. In addition, leak detectors are available for municipal use.


Texas Alliance for Water Conservation

The TAWC mission is to conserve water for future generations by collaborating to identify those agricultural production practices and technologies that will reduce the depletion of groundwater while maintaining or improving agricultural production and economic opportunities. TAWC website