Ogallala Aquifer map. Download map

Ogallala Aquifer Quick Facts

  • Major aquifer that underlies the entire HPWD service area.

  • Deposition of the Ogallala Formation began 10-12 million years ago

  • Soil types include sand, gravel, silt and clay

  • One of the largest aquifers in the world (approximately 174,000 square miles)

  • Stretches across portions of eight states (South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas)

  • Water flows from northwest to southeast at about 150 feet per year under natural conditions

Ogallala Aquifer Fact Sheet

Ogallala Aquifer Informational Sheet

Saturated Thickness Map

Edwards-Trinity High Plains Aquifer map. Download map

Edwards-Trinity (High Plains) Aquifer Quick Facts

  • Minor aquifer that underlies southern and eastern counties in the HPWD

  • Recharge to the aquifer is primarily due to downward leakage from the younger Ogallala Aquifer

  • Freshwater saturated thickness in the aquifer averages 126 feet

  • Water quality is generally slightly saline

Edwards-Trinity (High Plains) Fact Sheet

Dockum/Santa Rosa Aquifer map.
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Dockum/Santa Rosa Aquifer Quick Facts

  • Minor aquifer that underlies portions of the Ogallala Formation

  • Hydrogeologic properties of the aquifer vary widely

  • Well yields can range from 0.5 to 2,500 gpm

  • Precipitation recharges the aquifer where it is exposed to land surface

  • Groundwater flow is generally to the east

  • Water quality is generally of poor quality

Dockum Aquifer Fact Sheet

Dockum Aquifer infographic

HPWD Dockum Aquifer Study: 2018 Results