Commercial Entities

According to EPA WaterSense®, about 52 percent of a restaurant's daily water use happens in the kitchen, while about 30 percent of a hotel's daily water use happens in the restrooms. 

Water use in restaurants

Water use in hotels

Graywater Reuse

Texas is a graywater-friendly state. However, cities have the option to implement city ordinances if they see it necessary. Currently, the City of Lubbock does not have any ordinance in place restricting the use of graywater. 
Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Service- On-site Graywater Systems

Electricity Generation

With several types of electric generation methods, each handles water consumption differently. Two types of generation technologies include using water from a river, or using water from a lake, which recirculates through a cooling tower. Learn more here:
The Water Footprint of Electricity 
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