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First Dockum Aquifer Partnership Funding Approved, May 14, 2020

During their May 12 regular meeting, the High Plains Underground Water Conservation District (HPWD) Board of Directors awarded up to $15,000 to United Ag LLC to drill a Dockum Aquifer test hole in Hale County.

This is the first funding to be approved under the HPWD Dockum Aquifer Partnership Program.

“HPWD has the responsibility to conduct research and provide information on aquifers within the District's 16-county service area. Partnering with constituents on new well projects is the best way to obtain aquifer information while lessening research costs,” said HPWD General Manager Jason Coleman.

At the proposed site, the estimated depth to reach the full thickness of the Dockum Aquifer is 1,300 feet. The proposed diameter of the test hole is six inches, which accommodates the use of more advanced tools during the geophysical logging.

HPWD is also covering the cost of logging the site. The logging is part of an existing agreement between HPWD and the U.S. Geological Survey.

United Ag LLC is paying the remaining $7,580 of the project cost. Funding from HPWD's Dockum Aquifer Partnership Program makes up the balance of the $22,580 project.

HPWD is still soliciting applications for grant funding under the program. The total amount of funding shall not exceed $220,000 for fiscal year 2020, which ends Sept. 30.

Eligible expenses include the cost of drilling, logging, and/or completing a water well into the Dockum Aquifer. This may also include materials, labor, preparation, installation, or administration directly associated with implementing/completing the project.

Funding of projects is on an application by application basis. Each application will be reviewed and negotiated by the General Manager before it is submitted to the HPWD Board of Directors for consideration at one of their regular monthly meetings.

The Dockum Aquifer Partnership Program application form and grant funding contract is available at

Additional information about the Dockum Aquifer Partnership Program is available by contacting Jason Coleman at (806) 762-0181 or by emailing

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