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HPWD Interactive Map

We promote education and awareness of groundwater conditions. This Interactive Map includes a wealth of information regarding individual water wells, water levels, and specific estimates of aquifer thickness.

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HPWD Dockum Study

Since 2015, HPWD has conducted a focused annual study of the Dockum Aquifer.  Because this aquifer is deeper than the Ogallala, it has not historically been developed as much.  However, we believe that this resource will be used more widely as water needs increase.  Our work in the Dockum Aquifer Study includes:

  • water quality grab samples
  • water quality logging
  • water well driller logs
  • test hole logs
  • geophysical logs
  • permitted water wells
  • water level measurements
  • continuous water level monitoring
  • continuous water quality monitoring
  • flow tests

This interactive map strictly contains data for the Dockum Aquifer.  This aquifer is used primarily in the northern counties of HPWD but has been explored in other counties, too.  The Board of Directors adopted a course of study for this aquifer in 2015, and all of our data collection is presented in this interactive map.  As new data is collected each year, it is added to the records contained in this map.

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