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HPWD Board approves research and demonstration project funding, June 13, 2019

More than $157,000 in funding for water research and education was approved by the High Plains Underground Water Conservation District (HPWD) Board of Directors at their June 11 meeting.

 There were 16 projects submitted for funding. Each was evaluated by an eight-member committee, consisting of three Board members, two County Advisory Committee members, two members of the public, and the General Manager.

 Of these, 11 projects were approved. They are:

  • Plant Based Polymers to Remove Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and Arsenic in Groundwater.
  • Rainwater Harvesting Demonstration Project.
  • Evaluation of TDR Soil Moisture Sensor.
  • Drought Tolerant Corn Hybrids.
  • Improving Groundwater Recharge.
  • Mapping Playa Wetness & Estimating Playa Recharge.
  • 3D Aquifer Visualization Model.
  • Water Conservation Demonstration Garden.
  • Effects of Shade on Water Use in Turfgrass.
  • Playa Basin Field Days & Festivals.
  • Texas 4-H Water Ambassadors.

“HPWD is pleased to support these educators and researchers as they work to encourage water conservation education, promote more efficient water use, and improve crop production. Each approved project is designed to help conserve and preserve groundwater resources for the future,” said Board President Lynn Tate of Amarillo.

For more information about HPWD supported research, please visit or call the district office at (806) 762-0181. You can also find HPWD on Facebook and Twitter.

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