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HPWD Board Awards 2020-2021 Research Funds, June 12, 2020

More than $133,000 in funding for water-related research, demonstration, and education projects was approved by the High Plains Underground Water Conservation District (HPWD) Board of Directors at their June 9 meeting.

Since 2014, HPWD has provided financial support for water conservation research, demonstration, and education efforts within its 16-county service area. Researchers receiving HPWD funding are required to provide an annual progress report. In addition, they are asked to give an in-person update about their project at a regular monthly Board of Directors meeting.

There were 11 projects submitted for 2020-2021 funding. Each was evaluated by an eight-member committee, that includes three HPWD Board members, two HPWD County Advisory Committee members, two members of the public, and the HPWD General Manager.

Of these, eight were approved. They are:

  • “Evaluating the feasibility of Edwards-Trinity (High Plains) Aquifer as an alternative source of water in the Southern High Plains.”
  • “Development of stress-tolerant specialty corn genetics and production systems as a high value crop option for limited water capacities.”
  • “Industrial hemp fiber yield: Dryland versus limited irrigation.”
  • “Lab-scale experiments to increase entrepreneurial expansion and beneficial use of water for aquaponics vegetable production.”
  • “Cover crop best management practices for improved cotton seedling emergence and stand establishment.”
  • “Field days & festivals – Ogallala Commons Steward My Aquifer project.”
  • “Enhancement of rainwater harvesting systems to benefit Youth with a Mission aquaponics greenhouse.”
  • “Texas 4-H Water Ambassadors Program.”

Following review, one researcher was asked to submit additional information relating to their project. The research and demonstration committee will re-evaluate the proposal and submit a recommendation to the HPWD Board of Directors for any future action.

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