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HPWD Offers Customers New Self-Serve Permit Portal



Introducing the HPWD Self-Serve Permit Portal

LUBBOCK, TX –October 6, 2023 – Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the self-serve permit portal, an online tool designed to help HPWD permit applicants. With its innovative features and user-friendly interface, the self-serve permit portal is set to empower individuals and businesses to request a water well permit application at any time.

Key Features of this service include four easy steps:

  1. Interactive Map: Place the location marker on the subject property where the new water well is desired.
  2. Contact Information: Enter contact information for the applicant and the owner of the groundwater.
  3. Well Details: Enter the county, nearest town, anticipated use of groundwater, desired rate of withdrawal, and special directions for the proposed well site.
  4. Confirm Submission:  Once submitted, an email is delivered to the applicant and confirms that an HPWD staff member will contact the applicant, schedule a site visit, and finalize other details for the permit application.

"We are excited to introduce the self-serve permit portal to our customers," said Permit Administrator Gray Sanders at HPWD. "Our goal was to create a tool that would not only streamline requests for water well permit applications but also bring about a positive impact on local government services. We believe that the self-serve permit portal will make a significant difference in the way people use our services and online conveniences."

The self-serve permit portal is suitable for a wide range of users, including water well drillers, groundwater owners, facility managers, and other groundwater operators. Whether you are a repeat permit applicant or a new permit applicant, the self-serve permit portal has something valuable to offer.

If you are needing a water well permit application, start here ( today.


Created in 1951 by residents and the Texas Legislature, the High Plains Water District works to conserve, preserve, protect, and prevent waste of underground water in aquifers within its 16-county service area. HPWD is the first groundwater conservation district created in Texas.

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