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The Cross Section Newsletter:(A news publication of the High Plains Underground Water Conservation District No. 1) June 2024

In this edition of news from HPWD:

  • AgriLife Rainwater Harvesting Workshop
  • Conservation Reminders
  • Administratively Complete Permit Applications
  • Upcoming Events
  • Texas Water News and Drought Updates

HPWD Donates Rain Barrels & Rain Chains

With temperatures approaching 100 degrees recently, many homeowners are actively watering their landscapes to keep plants and trees alive. Did you know that outdoor water use can account for 50 to 80 percent of a home's total water use in the spring and summer?

One way to help water your plants and save water is to incorporate a rainwater catchment system.  Rain barrels are a great method of capturing rainwater from your rooftop.

Some landscaping aspects homeowners should also consider are resources that decrease the need for water from an all-inclusive standpoint: rainwater harvesting or greywater harvesting; native or adapted plants; pervious paving; edible landscaping; rain gardens; drip/efficient irrigation; and reduced lawn area.

Kristie Keys, Extension Agent – Agronomy, with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension for Catro/Hale/Lamb County and Felice Acker, County Extension Agent for Castro County assembled an excellent Rainwater Harvesting workshop held in Dimmitt, Texas on May 28th.

Speakers presented the following topics at the workshop:

Dennis Howard, Lubbock Master Gardener

·       General overview of rainwater catchment

·       Legal issues

·       Types of systems

Dr. Nathan Howell, Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering at West Texas A&M University

·       Parts of a rainwater harvesting system

·       Maintaining equipment

·       Mosquito control policies

·       Water quality/uses

Dr. Darryl Birkenfeld, Director – Ogallala Commons

·       Rainwater collection experience

·       Long-term examples

The attendees received a 65-gallon rain barrel donated by HPWD, and 25 rain chains were given as door prizes, which were also donated by HPWD.

Two people presenting, one gesturing, in front of an audience with a laptop and projector. Image is rotated.
A person presenting with a laptop and a projector on a table in a room with beige walls. The image is rotated.
A large upside-down terracotta pot with a hanging plant.
A group of people attending a meeting or workshop at long tables inside a large hall. There's audiovisual equipment at the front.

 Conservation Reminders

Do you have a leaky faucet at home?  Even small drips may add up to considerable waste over time.  HPWD has some drip gages that help quantify water loss from leaky faucets.  Consider fixing those leaks as soon as practical to save money on your water utilities and maximize your conservation.  We are giving away some drip gages for those who are interested.  Contact Jennifer McClendon for your free drip gage.

A water drip gauge is being held under a faucet to measure water leakage.


Administratively Complete Permit Applications

Horizontal bar chart showing complete permit applications for May 2024, with Castro having the highest count at 19.

Upcoming Events

Texas Water News and Drought Updates

  • TCEQ will conduct a public hearing and receive testimony concerning proposed revisions to 30 Texas Admin Code Chapter 230, Groundwater Availability Certifications for Platting.  The hearing includes  hybrid virtual and in-person options on June 24, 2024 at 2 PM in Austin.
  • The drought conditions map and the monthly outlook are updated.
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